Guide To Summer-Casual Dressing

Guide To Summer-Casual Dressing

1) Add some KAZAAAM in your tees! During the summer you will see a lot of guys wearing a plain white t-shirt, which is fine, but try changing it up once in a while. Try spicing up your casual wear with a splash of color. Choosing a brighter color (e.g. red, green) will help you stand out, in a good way. Pair them with some jeans and shorts to finish off the look. Experiment with colors in order to find what looks best with your complexion. When experimenting with colors, try experimenting with brighter pants also. Many guys just brighten up the top and never try anything new for pants. Just remember, if you are going to wear something bright for pants you will want to tone it down a little with a neutral top.

2) We know it is easy sometimes to slip on a pair of sandals during the warmer months, but try throwing on a pair of suede chukkas.

3) Try some colorful plaids or gangham checks. If you choose to wear a shirt with gangham checks, be sure that you go for a medium check, no longer than the tip of your thumb. Too big and you will look like a checkerboard; while too small will create a optical illusion effect.

4) Put those heavier and structured blazers away, and add some lighter blazers to your wardrobe. Linens is our favorite for spring and summer seasons. Some guys complain about how it wrinkles, but it adds character.

5) Don’t be afraid to rock white. Not enough guys wear white denim, which if done correctly can make an outfit pop. Try pairing a chambray button down with a pair of white denim, now watch the heads turn.

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