5 Summer Style Tips

5 Summer Style Tips


#5 – With the summer bringing in warmer weather means more guys exposing more skin, which also brings out more body hair. For this reason alone it is important for many guys to groom their excessive body hair.

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#4 – Summer fashion can get boring. Men do not have many options and are stuck with shorts and T-shirts. One way to give your summer outfits more character is by adding accessories. A handkerchief worn as a pocket square and hats are some examples that can be added to your summer wear to help spice up your look.


#3 – Add color to your outfit. A lot of guys are stuck with wearing muted colors, which can be very boring. Go purchase a pair of chinos, a button-down, and sneakers — as they will give you good options to add color to your summer wear.


#2 – Wear a light weight blazer. The first tip when purchasing a blazer is to make sure it is fitted. If you are in between two sizes then go with the smaller size, since it is very rare that you have to button up the blazer. Your shirt should come out at least half an inch. Look at purchasing a classic look, as trendy looks come and go.


#1 – Stop wearing flip-flops everywhere. We know that it is tempting to just go with the easy option of getting into a pair of flip-flops during the summer, but they should only be worn at the beach and the pool. Instead of wearing flip flops try choosing a boat shoe, low-top sneakers, desert boots, or leather sandals.


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