It’s Hip To Be Square

It’s Hip To Be Square

Listen up gentlemen, there is one small accessory that can set you apart and pull your whole look together. Pocket squares are more than the satin square you remember from your high school prom tux. The look has changed and colors, even patterns are in! Remember you don’t want your pocket square to match your tie or shirt, but it should compliment them.

You can simply fold your square into quarters for a classic look or you can get fancy. There are some great youtube videos that show you different folds, some of my favorite fold tips come from Patrick Novotny. Check out his video on the 3 stairs fold.

Pocket squares don’t have to be expensive, but you do have to take care of them. A pocket square and a handkerchief are not the same thing; you cannot blow your nose on a pocket square, this is purely for show. Like patterned socks, the square gives you a chance to show off your personality and change up your suit a little. You can wear the same suit multiple times with a different shirt/tie/square combo and make it look like a whole new suit.

The most important part about this look is not to forget it should compliment your outfit not match it exactly. Your pocket square should not be the same fabric as your shirt or tie, it should pick up a color and highlight it, and it’s ok to mix patterns as long as one doesn’t take away from the other. Just because they sell matching tie and pocket square sets at department stores does not mean you should buy them.


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