8 Inspirational Bloggers to Follow

8 Inspirational Bloggers to Follow

Sitting in everyone’s closet is one or two special articles of clothing you love – but you don’t know how to wear it. Maybe you’re thinking of buying a new jacket or shirt – but you aren’t sure what it goes with. Thankfully, inspiration is right at your fingertips, so never fear! Here at Cinch Club, we have a few bloggers we recommend.

“Life is too short, buy the shoes.”

1. The Metro Man

Metro Man

If you’re looking for some interesting business looks, this is your man. Moti just has the coolest suits, and always accessorizes perfectly.

2. Steven Onoja


Steven is the master of “unique.” Sure, he’s got those classic blazers and timeless shoes, but his blog shows off more than just average style. You might want to check out his trendy website just for the cool hats and fantastic photography!

3. Stay Classic

Stay Classic

What sets Tim apart is all in the tagline – “an affordable approach to classic men’s style.” He’s got great style that proves you don’t have to spend lavishly to look your best.

4. Edward Honaker



Edward has “smart casual” down to a science. If you’re still puzzling over this middle ground, his blog is packed with photos of several ways to achieve this look.

5. I Am Galla


Galla gets layering. You don’t have to sacrifice warmth (or comfort) to look great. And not only does Galla talk about style, he talks about lifestyle.

6. The Kentucky Gent

Kentucky Gent

Life isn’t always about suits and blazers (or chic life in New York City, for that matter). Josh knows the best side of casual. Always trust in a good pair of jeans!

7. One Dapper Street


Dapper Street

Marcel is king of detail. He understands a good watch, a fitting briefcase, and an accent pair of shoes. If you think you can’t pull of sneakers with a suit, check again – take some inspiration from this blog.

8. We Want Decontrol


Erwin is the simplest of the simple. The best part? His blog is like looking at a picture book – while Erwin doesn’t offer much in the way of written advice, you can understand everything you need to know about styling your basics differently by just scrolling through the pages.


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