Spring Fashion Tips for Men

Spring Fashion Tips for Men



Follow these Spring Fashion Tips for Men for 2015:

1) Lighten Up

Many men find themselves hanging onto heavier fabrics during the start of Spring. Do yourself a favor and put those wool, corduroy and cashmere back in your closets. Instead try focusing on lighter fabrics like Cotten and linen. It’s never too early to start updating your wardrobe with shorts, tees, polos, and boat shoes. Lastly, make sure you use sandals for the beach only. Try wearing boat shoes with shorts. They are comfy and more stylish then sandals.


2) Layer Up Lightly

We know we just said to lighten up, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t layer your outfit. Don’t be afraid of throwing on a blazer or using a lighter fabric suit. We all know that Spring can bring some chilly days, so why not be prepared? Throwing on a light scarf, blazer or a light V-neck long sleeve can add great detail to your outfit. Just stay away from wools and cashmere.


3) Don’t forget to Lighten Up Your Cologne

Last, but not least, be sure to lighten up your cologne. Try using fragrances with citrus and musk notes to complement the freshness of the spring season. Many men use the same cologne all year long, which a winter cologne can leave bystanders in tears during the hotter weather. Imagine sweating out Brute, we don’t think you will have many fans having to be near you.

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