Top 5 Summer Fashion Tips for Men

Top 5 Summer Fashion Tips for Men

Follow these top 5 summer fashion tips for men to be on top of your game:

Be Clean – A gentleman should always be showered, well-groomed, and his clothing is free from stains. A sharp dressed man never wears stained clothing, even if he believes others won’t notice. Your hair should be washed and its ends cut regularly, with excess hair on the back of the neck trimmed. Invest in a pair of nose hair clippers and opt for a close shave, and treat your skin to lotions that improve health and appearance.

Light – Wear light colored clothing and select fabrics made with breathable weaves such as cotton, linen, or tropical weight wool. On a sunny day, a white long sleeve button-down cotton shirt will be much cooler than a black polyester T-shirt.

Short Sleeve Polo – Today the polo has ascended as the standard uniform of the North American man dressed in summer casual. However, just because it’s widely accepted does not mean its use should be abused. Reserve the polo for true casual events on weekends. Unless it’s your company’s uniform, consider wearing a tasteful button down short sleeve during the week.

The Button-Down Short Sleeve – The most under utilized shirt in a man’s wardrobe is the button-down short sleeve shirt. A step up from the polo, this shirt style is often avoided because of the difficulty in achieving a “great look.” A button down short sleeve that’s too large or too small has its weaknesses amplified by its inability to hide behind another garment or even itself. A short sleeve dress shirt needs to fit properly at the shoulder points and along the torso. Sleeve lengths can vary but they should cover at least 25 to 80 percent of the bicep (as measured from shoulder point to elbow). Understand the less bicep covered the more casual the shirt becomes.

The Long Sleeve Dress Shirt – Although not most men’s first choice in 90 degree plus weather, it is a more formal option than its short sleeve cousin and often the only choice for work. If wearing the long sleeve dress shirt during the day, select a light color, and to avoid being swallowed up by the sea of simple white’s, consider a lightly patterned fabric that tastefully suggests individuality. Most men know to select cotton, but few realize the fabric make-up is only a part of the equation for staying cool. A long sleeve shirt rolled up to the mid-forearm or beyond, is a very stylish look preferred by many over the short sleeve button-up. It’s actually dressier than a true short sleeve because it gives the wearer the option of unrolling the sleeves.

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