Will a styling service work?

Will a styling service work?

Let’s face it, most guys hate to shop. Whether it be fighting the crowds at the mall or just simply wanting to watch a game on T.V., most guys rather spend their time doing something else then shopping. If this sounds like you, then an online styling service might be for you. We aren’t going to sit here and say that all men should join, because the truth of the matter is that an online styling service is not for all men. Here are some helpful tips to figure out whether or not an online styling service is right for you.

Clearance Shoppers – If you find yourself always shopping at the clearance racks looking for deals that are 75% off retail prices, then it is safe to say a styling service might not be for you. The reason being is that styling services carries brands that are more higher end with higher price points. We are not saying that we don’t offer discounts, because we do, but if you are looking for highly marked down prices, then a styling service might not be for you. We also offer a wide range of brands, that range from moderate to high retail prices.

Picky Shoppers – If you are a type of person that is very particular on how you want to look, then our service may or may not be for you. It really depends on how open you are to new styles and trying new things. With this being said, we are very good at making sure our members like and enjoy their outfits. Keep this in mind though, no matter who picks out your will always have an opinion or preference. We actually incorporated a preview email with photos that is sent to each member prior to shipping their box. This helps solidify our stylist’s selections.

No Time or Hate Shopping – If you find yourself having no time to shop at all or simply dislike shopping, then an online styling service is perfect for you. It allows you to keep your wardrobe updated and trying new styles or brands. Life can get complicated and busy, so finding time to shop can be almost impossible. Our service allows you to still shop, but at your own time and in the comfort of your home or office. The best part is that most styling services provide you a grace period to try on the clothes before you are even charged, including us!

If you have any questions on our styling service or want to find out if its right for you, feel free to contact us at anytime.

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