The First Date: How Men Should Dress

The First Date: How Men Should Dress

Taking a woman out for a first date? Im sure you want to impress your date by looking your best in something noticeably stylish. There are many options for a man looking to impress his date! When picking out an outfit you want to think about things like where you are going or what activities you will be doing. The most import part to take in to consideration is your date. Dressing sharp on the first date shows that you are trying to make a strong first impression. You never know where a date may lead so it is important to look your best! As many people say “dress to impress”.

Casual dates that may include outdoor activities does not mean that you should wear 
anything that resemble anything from sweats to old blue jeans! A dark washed denim or a khaki 
chino are always to way to go. You can combine them with anything from a sports jacket, a collared 
shirt, or a simple dress shirt. A black or brown belt to match your shoes always helps an outfit look 
more put together. As for shoes go…leave the old beat up sneakers at home. You should choose 
either a clean casual sneaker if your date is outdoors or a nice pair of leather oxfords if you are going 
out for a dinner date. Even loafers would be a nice choice for a more sophisticated dinner date. 
Knowing your weather conditions is important.  For example if it’s a nice cool spring night and you’re 
going out for a dinner date you might want wear a light weight sports jacket with a long sleeve dress 
shirt. You can pair that with your darker denim and leather belt to match your shoes! If it’s a warmer 
summer night you might want to go with a chino, casual sneaker and a polo. You can add a belt just 
make sure to tuck you shirt in! This helps you look more put together and sharp. 
First impressions are important. Dress to impress your date. Take all factors into 
considerations before picking out your outfit. An outfit that is well put together and has you looking 
sharp could just get you a second date! Good luck!   


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