Men’s Fall Fashion Must Haves

Men’s Fall Fashion Must Haves

Fall is here which means rain, clammy weather and mucky leaves everywhere, so be sure to follow our men’s fall fashion must haves for 2016. It is time to pull out the jackets, sneakers, loafers, button downs, jeans and more. There are some essential items you will be wanting this fall. With the weather getting colder a nice blazer is always nice to have.

Since it is fall you might want to stick with clean sharp color. Dark colors and navy always work well. When your blazer is a navy or any dark color it makes it easier for you to put together a matching outfit. When it comes to matching with dark colors it always seems effortless yet you look like you put a lot of effort in! You can throw on a navy blazer and be ready for a cool night while still looking sharp! A long sleeve button down is also a need. You should also go with a dark color when choosing your button down. Although it is plain you will still look sharp during your work day and can even wear it out when work is over! Black denim is always a good look. Black jeans are in the middle of your casual jean and your dull dress slack. You can mix it up with a polo and sneaker or a button down blazer and loafer. They go very well with both which is what makes them so great! A simple black sneaker goes well with a nice pair of dark jeans. As long as you make sure they are glossy and clean you will be looking extra sharp. Lastly you are going to want a nice pair of loafers. They go well with just about anything. You can dress them down with chinos, and a polo or you can dress it up a bit with the blazer button down and slacks! Either way they look good. You should get your hands on these items before autumn ends you will not regret it!

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