Mens Hair Styling Tips & Products

mens hair styling tips

Mens Hair Styling Tips & Products

Being well groomed is extremely imporatant if you want to make a great first impression, follow these mens hair styling tips to keep you in the game. Whenever you leave the barber I bet you feel like a new person. A fresh cut and style can work wonders. If only your hair looked like that all the time… With a few good products and tactics you can try and recreate the fresh out of the barber shop look. For short hair you might want to use pomades. This helps adds some texture to your hair. Pomades brings a silky moistened look while holding your hair in place throughout the day. It is super easy to apply to your hair as well. All you have to do is take a slight amount and rub it together until slightly warmed. After that just run your hands through your hair going from the end to the root. This works best with towel dried hair. Waxes are also a good product to use. Waxes give you a glossy look and are A1 when it comes to keeping your hair in place. When using this product you are going to want your hair to be 100 percent dry. This product is also easy to apply just follow the previous steps! Lastly, styling creams work well for longer hair. Creams help reduce the amount of frizz in your hair and helps with keeping random hairs in place. You can apply creams to either wet or dry hair. Just be careful when choosing the amount…keep it light. Too much cream can make your hair look greasy or dirty. That is not a good look. You can find these products at basically any store so archiving the fresh out of the barber look is easier than you think!

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