Women’s Spring Style Tips for 2017

Women’s Spring Style Tips for 2017

With spring coming up you can get out of the winter blues and start dressing in nice warm colors! I know the cold weather draws me toward darker colored clothing. It is finally the time of year where we can all get out of our winter comfort zone and add some style and color to our wardrobe. Follow these women’s Spring style tips for 2017!

When it comes to having to dress in a professional pant suit, you should defiantly ditch the navy or khaki pant and go with a fun color or pattern! You can still look professional after adding some color and pattern to you outfit. When wearing the pants you should probably stick to a solid colored blazer and top. You can have fun with your pant suit, but not too much fun!

The off the shoulder blouse is really in at the moment but that would defiantly not qualify as work place attire, no matter how much you wish it did. You can however get away with the shoulder cut out! Still showing off some skin but in a professional manner.

Jackets and cardigans can really pull an outfit together. Every woman should invest in a few nice pieces from both categories! Bomber jackets, a light jacket or a leather jacket can really give you a great look, as well as a low–high cardigan or a longer cardigan. They are the perfect match for spring weather. You can just throw one on with some jeans, a V-neck top, and maybe some heels. Keep it casual and simple. You will look great and be dressed appropriately for the weather at the same time.

Just by adding some simple items and colors to your wardrobe you can have a nice put together spring outfit!

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