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Good Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2017

Father’s day is quickly approaching, and there is no better time to express your appreciation to your father for all that he has done. If you haven’t found the perfect gift for Dad, fear not, as this guide offers several unique and personalized ideas on what to buy your dad to properly express your recognition for his hard work and dedication. Instead of buying something generic, consider these 5 ideas for a Father’s Day gift sure to let him know of his worth to you.

Magnetic Bottle Strip

These strips fit neatly insider the top of a fridge and feature strong magnetic circles the size of bottle caps, and make a perfect Father’s Day gift. These gadgets help keep the fridge uncluttered while also making the bottles more accessible. Even if your dad is not a drinker, a magnetic bottle strip is perfect for sodas with magnetic lids, and perfect for your dad.

Fashion Gifts

It is not difficult for fathers to end up in the imminent “dad jeans,” with the inevitable slouchy pair of beat up shoes to match. To help get your dad out of the clothing rut, consider our online personalized styling services as a gift, which offer a variety of tips and ideas for each individual customer, catering to their unique needs and desires.

Quality Watch

Watches are a great Father’s Day gift because of both their convenience and style.  Investing in a watch of high quality for your father is a great way to show him you understand his appreciation for reliable, quality timepieces. Of course you do not have to buy him a Rolex, especially because Rolexes are a bit more flashy than your average dad is interested in anyway, especially for a personalized gift. Instead, consider a more simple but streamlined and unique piece, that would compliment your father’s normal style. Many watch companies also offer engraving, so the gift would be even more unique and special.

Subscription to Shaving Program

Almost every dad to exist has a regular shaving routine, and therefore may not replace razors or switch up aftershave very often. The marketplace of 2017 has many subscription services available, so give his routine an update, and invest in one of the many shaving program subscriptions currently offered. These kits generally send out packages monthly, containing razors, cream or butter and some aftershave product.

Kitchen Appliances

Ever if your dad is not a chef by any reach of the imagination, kitchen appliances are a great Father’s Day present. Appliances like juicers, coffee or espresso makers, or even mixers are an awesome way to spruce up your dad’s kitchen, and oftentimes his diet. There are a variety of appliances to consider depending on the individuality of your father, but regardless of the machine chosen, your Father’s Day gift will be appreciated.

It is important to remember that even if you decide against a flashy gift, your father will understand and love you no less than now. However, receiving presents is always enjoyable, so consider these ideas as the holiday rushes upon us.

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