Man Uses Same Shirt on Picture Day for 6 Years

How Long Can a Shirt Last?

How long can a shirt last? That’s the question. As is often the case, we go to Twitter to find the answer.

Let us introduce you to Justin Taylor, who wore the same shirt day after day, and for an incredible seven years. His goal was to wear the same shirt in each and every one of his school photos, from sixth grade right on up until he graduated.

What Justin Did

Justin was not a fan of school photo day. He disliked having to get up early, making sure he looked good and then submitting himself to whatever the photographer wanted him to do. His solution was to simplify matters, and that’s exactly what he did, wearing the very same shirt, a black crew neck from Billabong, every day that he had school photos taken.

The Reaction

Justin’s parents were not all that happy with Justin’s decision and would have preferred a bit more variety in the school pictures. They supported his choice, though.

Needless to say, this sort of endeavor needed to be shared with the world, and the reaction was swift and enthusiastic. Here are some of the comments:

Duyzus: @TheSmarmyBum, I don’t know what is more impressive: the commitment or the fact that you fit the same shirt? haha

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