Subscription Boxes: Holiday Gift Ideas 2017

Holiday Gift Ideas: Subscription Boxes 2017

Have a friend or family member that’s difficult to buy for? Looking for the “gift that keeps on giving?” Gift giving and even coming up with gift ideas have become more difficult throughout the years. We live in a technology based world where you order what you want instantly via your smartphone. Instant gratification is indulged in on a daily basis, so what’s a person to do when it comes to the holidays? How are you supposed to shop for the person who seems to have everything?

Subscription boxes are the hot new trend. As the gift giver, you truly give a gift that keeps on giving based on the time period you purchase for the subscription box. The gift receiver finds a new gift on their doorstep every month of the subscription! With clothing subscription boxes, they even have the ability to choose styles through a personal stylist service. The stylists selects clothes and accessories based on their criteria. 

There are a variety of clothing subscription options to choose from. The gift receiver can select casual, classic or women’s styles. Clothing items they may choose and receive include blazers, button downs, chinos, dress wear, shoes and more. Plus, you’re able to give a gift that doesn’t require you to guess what someone would choose for themselves and you don’t have to worry about sizes! Additional benefits include free shipping both ways in case something needs to be returned. 

Coming up with gift ideas is always hard. With a subscription box, you just select the timeframe and your gift receiver is able to set their preferences. It takes the guess work out of your hands and ensures they receive the perfect gift – every month! The value is fantastic as well. You don’t have to spend a fortune and your gift recipient will receive high quality clothing and accessories!


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