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Spring Fashion Tips for 2018

Amidst all the spring weather buzz and excitement, is the season’s top fashion trends. Unlike 2017, 2018 top looks are inspired by a myriad of sensational trends from the past.

Here are a few fashion tips for this years spring;

  • Polka dots: Go for a playful vibe this spring with a well-fitting polka dots dress with matching short heels. The polka dot dress perfectly blends in with the seasons’ colors and enthusiasm.
  • Floral prints: Flowery prints have always been a spring hit, and this is not bound to change this year. However, this year’s trends feature more noticeable, eye-grabbing and primary colored florals. You can do a full floral outfit or a floral top with plain pants.
  • Vertical stripes for men: The vertical stripe is a big hit this spring. The trend is common on bombers to field jackets and shirts. If you are going for a striped look, do one striped piece at a time. Compliment it with plain pants matching one of the striped colors.
  • Side stripe trousers: This is a blast from the past. The side stripped trousers were a major trend in the nineties, and they have made a sensational comeback this spring. The key to making them work perfectly without looking too sporty is balancing them with a smart knit or a slim fit shirt.

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