Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Clothing Subscription Boxes

With Father’s Day approaching, it can be hard to find the perfect gift for your dad to show him how much you love and appreciate him. It can be even harder if you’re trying to avoid the stereotypical fashion gifts and find something more personal and forward-thinking for your dad this year. Have you considered clothing subscription boxes or another monthly service to help shape your dad’s personal fashion and styling? Here are a few fashion, service and styling gift ideas that can help you make this Father’s Day the most personal one yet!

Personal Spa Treatments

Your dad may not want a personal, unlimited mani-pedi monthly subscription styling service for Father’s Day, but a good massage and facial treatment service can be just the personal thing to help him relax. Personal spas offer a wide range of personal styling service available for women and men, so it won’t be hard to find the service for men that he would appreciate. Some personal spas also offer an unlimited monthly subscription or service club for styling.

Skin Care Box for Men

More men are realizing the importance of personal skin care and that it’s not just a personal styling service for women anymore. In fact, personal skin care has nothing to do with women, fashion or styling! That’s why personal men skin care boxes can be just the thing your dad needs this year. A men’s skin care set will give him the products he needs to take care of his skin and make himself look great using products specifically designed for the unique needs of men’s skin. Once he starts running low on the products, he already know what to get to replace them so he can keep taking care of himself for the rest of the year. Skin care sets are also available as subscription boxes for men and women.

Clothing Subscription Boxes

Whether your dad is fashion forward or would appreciate a chance to try out unlimited new, trendy styling items, clothing subscription boxes is like a rental service providing an opportunity for him to get clothes delivered to him at home every month personally selected to meet his styling interests. A monthly clothing subscription box lets your father try out new styles and trends and decide what he likes. With this Father’s Day gift, your dad will be reminded of how much you care every time he gets dressed in the morning!


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