Fall Fashion Tips for Men & Women 2018

Some style fans can’t wait for fall.

It’s a time when colors and designs begin to tone themselves down from the brighter hues common in spring and summer.

While trees  are exploding with colorful leaves in autumn, couture traditionally becomes a little more subtle – think oranges, browns, and deeper reds and yellows. Because fall means cooler weather in much of the country, our clothing choices also can have functional value of being able to nicely ward off the approaching chills.

This means great opportunities for longer sleeves, longer skirts and maybe a lighter sweater that can be worn or tied around the waist or shoulders. Fall can also be absolutely perfect, fashion-wise, for men and women who may not be as excited about more revealing apparel like tank tops that are common in warmer weather.

Beyond general “yay fall” approaches to wanting to dress your best and dress for success, there are also some fun fashion tips recommended for 2018 and 2019.

  • Animal prints. In the right hands, rocking a leopard, jaguar or cheetah print can make the wearer look like quite a cool cat, whether they’re taking it easy or ready to pounce. It doesn’t have to be fur or even faux fur either: these natural patterns can be appealing, especially on a longer overcoat that can be buckled on a cooler day or worn open to show off the rest of your ensemble.
  • Colorful combos. Fall is a great time to mix and layer textures, colors and styles to create something harmonious and even flattering. Runway models previewing fall lines showed off creative layering like solid-colored sweaters over paisley or plaid blouses, or a solid shirt with a wild scarf.
  • Bigger bags. Handbag styles do seem to shrink and grow over the years, but this year, trend watchers say to expect them to be on the larger size, including ‘bucket bags’ that can store more. But even though the sizes are bigger, the colors are more solid and less bright, including simple black leather.
  • No frills. Vogue used the word “utilitarian” to describe some of the simply plain looks coming our way this fall. This can mean the opposite of busy, which could be an interesting reaction to the wilder bells and whistles, or at least buttons and zippers, of the past.

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