Sub-Urban Riot


Sub_Urban RIOT is a modern independent apparel brand for those who want something different, and aren’t afraid to stray from the norm. They prefer not to cater to everybody. They like things a little off kilter, a little twisted, and that offer a little social commentary. There’s a little RIOT in all of us. Take some chances, make individual statements, and have fun while you’re at it.


Welcome to the new version of Cali-Casual. Live by your own set of rules. Throw the old ones out, and create your own set. Ditch the car, lose the big box retail, forget the suburbs, discover the subway, ride a bike. Set a new bar for luxury by focusing on how you live your life versus the expensive “things” you acquire. Start a RIOT.


The “Sunny” connection: In 2006, Sub_Urban RIOT began designing tees for the guys on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It started out with a few goofy tees, and over the seasons has become a planned part of the characters’ personalities. It’s a unique relationship that has allowed Sub_Urban RIOT and “Sunny” to have fun with the characters, and add some dimension to their roles and the ridiculousness they embody.


History: Sub_Urban RIOT was founded in 2006 in Venice, CA as a fashion industry collective. The name comes from the idea that a little contradiction and chaos can create new ideas and notions about how we live.


Design: collections focus on on-point necessities for the season. Designs are inspired by the classics, but offer simple modern execution, while at the same time keeping it bold. It’s a less-is-more design principal. Our intent is to keep seasonal assortments small, relevant, concise, and free of useless gimmicks.


Manufacturing: primarily USA based. Profits are smaller, but we enjoy keeping it local. All of our cut and sew operations are located within a 20 minute drive of Downtown Los Angeles, which keeps a little more money in the hands of real working Americans.


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